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Should Straight Girls Stop Making Out With Gay Guys?

Alt:"Should Straight Girls Stop Making Out With Gay Guys"

Credit: HBO

I, a straight girl, absolutely love making out with gay guys. It’s just as fun as making out with a straight guy but you know they have zero expectations. Which is great if you’re not in the mood for a hookup or if you’re just looking for a person to make out with.

One Halloween night I made out with two gay guys who both had boyfriends. They’re boyfriends had very different reactions to our make out session. The first one was completly cool with it — “It doesn’t count,” he said “As long as its not with another guy.” — and the other dragged his boyfriend away and made him leave the party. I was very confused because I wasn’t trying to bed his boyfriend I was simply trying to have fun.

Should gay guys mind a straight girl kissing one of them

I’m trying to understand why this made him so angry and upset. If I was a lesbian and my girlfriend started making out with a straight male I wouldn’t mind. In fact, I might even join them. That way I can be part of it.

I guess for some, regardless of gender or sexual preference, it’s hard to see the person you’re with make out with some else while you just sit there and watch. Even if its “just for fun.”

Still if you ask me and most member of the human race it “doesn’t count.”

Lizzette (Lizz) loves to talk in the third person. She refers to herself as the “epitome of cool” and loves to give opinions on topics she knows nothing about.



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