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Why Every Girl Needs a Father Figure to Open the Door for Her


Her father could have taught her how to look at men; she would have known how to tell apart the men from the dogs.

Mothers are great. The world would not be the same without them. But fathers are great too. In reality, a society without fathers is doomed. When a home lacks a father figure, the lives of the kids are bound to go wrong. Women raising their daughters on their own have to contend with the high likelihood that she will mess up her life at some point. While this is not always the case, the probability that a girl raised by a single mom will be a mess before her 18th birthday is higher than a girl brought up by both parents.

According to available statistics, a child raised by a single parent is more likely to commit suicide, commit crime or become drug dependent than a child raised by both parents. Unfortunately for our society today, a good number of us were raised by single mothers. Single Mother Guide notes this; one in four children under 18 is being raised without a father. This is sad. Why?

The mother teaches her daughter everything about how to be a woman. She can however not adequately teach her daughter on how to deal with men. This is often because of whatever reason she is a single mother. Some mothers tell their daughters that men are dogs. Others use worse analogies. As she grows up, all she knows is her mother’s version of what men are. A good number of these women grow up hating men and most of them either never get married, or end up in divorce. The ‘men are dogs’ script is propagated even more in the next generation, because the daughter believes her mother was right, given that her marriage ended in divorce.

All the things her father could have done

The problem with this is that the script she is using is wrong, just as it was wrong when her mother used it. But it doesn’t seem that way because that’s the only reality she has ever known. True, there are some men whom the ‘dog’ term might be appropriate, but most fathers love their daughters and want the best for them. When a girl grows up not knowing her father’s love, she falls for the first guy who smiles at her. Because the father figure void could never be filled by her mother, she lives her life constantly looking for that man who would tell her she’s beautiful.

Her father could have taught her how to look at men; she would have known how to tell apart the men from the dogs. He would have been the first man to open the door for her. That way, she could never have fallen for the first guy who did. Her father or father figure would have shown her the best version of men and she would have used him as the standard. Now that she doesn’t have this, anything goes.

As the leader of the home, the father would have protected her from all those men who would want to take advantage of her. He would have protected his princess from the wolves that lurk in the dark nights. That is why, for as long as it depends on her, a single mother should do everything she can to make sure her daughter receives the love of her father. Regardless of her relationship with her daughter’s father, a mother should allow the girl to have a relationship with her father, and give the father a chance to be the first man to open the door for the daughter they both so desperately love.

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