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Having Sex On The First Date Won’t Make Him Lose Respect For You

Alt:"Sex On the First Date Won't Make Him Lose Respect For You"

Have you ever been told not to have sex with a guy on the first date because “he’ll lose respect for you.” Yeah, me too. But it’s actually a big fat lie. Think about it… who told you about this rule? Probably your mom or a female friend, but you never hear those words come out of a guys mouth. Because they don’t care!

Sure, there are some who will leave if its “too easy,” but its his loss, the majority of men seriously don’t care.

I know this because I ask all of my male friends and they all answer with a version of “No, why would I?”

It’s a social norm. From a young age we are told about these rules, but they’re all bogus. I have a friend who slept with a guy halfway through their first date and they are now happily engaged. No, this is not the case for everyone, but having sex on the first date isn’t going to ruin your chances. Obsessing about “dating rules” like; no sex on the first, wait two days to text him back, never call after midnight, those will ruin whatever chance you have at a relationship.

If you’re having a great time and there’s chemistry you should go for it! Then if he comes back you know its not for the ~possibility~ of sex, it’s because he likes you.

Here’s what I’m trying to say: you can have sex on the first date if you want or don’t. It’s your choice, but never feel bad about it because society says so.

Lizzette (Lizz) loves to talk in the third person. She refers to herself as the “epitome of cool” and loves to give opinions on topics she knows nothing about.



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