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Giving up the cookie may just keep him at home.


How desperately do you want him to stay and what price are you willing to pay? In a survey on cheating in marriages, 70% of the men interviewed admitted to cheating on their wives. 2/3 of these men’s wives had no idea he was cheating. Those are not very encouraging statistics.

I think looking at these numbers; it is safe to say for most men, the question is when they will cheat, not whether they will ever cheat. That essentially brings up the question: why do men cheat? Obviously, different men cheat for different reasons, but there is enough data to confidently say men cheat as they look for an emotional connection that they are not getting from their spouses. As two lovers get used to each other, they begin taking each other for granted. Women often start neglecting their men, especially when children show up.

For those who have already lost this emotional connection; your husband is most probably already cheating on you. Don’t be angry about it. Instead, choose to give him what he is looking for in these other women. Give him that emotional connection. How do you do that? I’ll tell you where to start.

Sex is the first important step towards keeping him from cheating

All men love sex. If you want to reconnect with him, increase the number of times the two of you get intimate, from an average of zero a week to at least three. Yes! This is the price you have to pay. You see, to most men, it starts with sex. Regardless of how many things you try to reconnect, if you don’t put sex as the number one thing to do, you will fail. Miserably!

Show him you want him back by giving it to him three times a week. This effort will also help you start reconnecting with him. It will also work on your body the more times you do it, making your body yearn for more sex than usual.

In a few weeks, your body will start to feel starved if it goes a week without sex. And we can agree this is good for everyone.

Engage your man if you don’t want him in the arms of another woman. Pay the price and it will pay off for you too. And make it fun.

Yes, he is cheating but he does not want to. If you can connect with him the way you used to, the blinders in his eyes will be washed by your beauty and love. Remember this: you have a great sway on him, that’s why he married you. Use it to get him back.

Love him! Make love to him! Get your man back! Give yourself that intense sexual healing twice a week and see what happens. He will be back in your arms soon. Very soon!

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