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What to Do After the Breakup


Sometimes the biggest tragedies in our lives are the ones we avoided. Your ex might have been the greatest mistake of your life.

No one likes to be dumped. Regardless of the circumstances that led to the breakup, more often than not, the process is an ugly one. If you don’t know what to do and how to behave after a breakup, you can spend weeks consoling yourself as you come to terms with the end of your world as you knew it. These tips will serve as a ladder to get you out of the pit your ex left you in.

Your love was real, but now it’s gone

Breaking up in no way means that what you had was not real. It was real. You felt it, he felt it. But now, it’s time to let it all go. Appreciate the moments you shared. Take time to go back in time and cherish those moments. Take your photo album and relive those moments. If you need to cry, please do. Then wipe your tears, burn those things whose memories you’d rather not keep, and get ready to move on with life.

Give yourself time to heal from the breakup

Most breakups leave wounds that require time to heal. Do not be tempted to jump into another relationship immediately after your breakup. It is likely that you are not sober enough to make good relationship decisions at this time. Give yourself time to settle down emotionally. Why should the next person you date have to bear with the open wounds of your past relationships?

You will find another one, probably even a better one

Sometimes the biggest tragedies in our lives are the ones we avoided. Your ex might have been the greatest mistake in your life. So it might now look like it is the end of the world, but six months from now, you will be grateful that things happened the way they did. A year from now, it will be clearer to you why it was for the best that the two of you break up.

Whatever happens, don’t go back

Sometimes mirages from our past show up in our lives and throw us into the same confusion they left us with when they walked out of our lives. Don’t let yourself go down this path. You will be disrespecting yourself. Whatever you had may have been great, but it’s another time now and the past is best left in the past. Don’t awaken dead passions; they have no life in them.

As you heal, take time to develop yourself

When was the last time you feel in love with you? Maybe this is the time you’ve been waiting for. Take yourself out, go to the gym and stay in shape. Love on you. Use this healing time to develop the best version of you. When the next lucky guy shows up, he will love how well you’ve taken care of yourself. He will be glad to find someone who knows who they are, where they are at and where they are going. Being with you will be a great privilege he would not trade for anything or anyone.

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