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“Do you have a boyfriend yet?”

Alt:"Do you have a boyfriend yet?"

Remember Me

I don’t know how many family gatherings I skip for fear of being asked: “Where’s your boyfriend? Do you have one?” You know what, grandma, I don’t and you asking isn’t going to speed up the process. But instead of getting angry at my grandmother I reply with a smile and a “No.”

“But you’re so pretty,” she replies.

Thank you, grandma, but in today’s dating world that’s simply not enough. You have to be pretty, but you also have to be funny, witty, nerdy, classy, dirty, cool, non-psychotic, chill, have a fashion sense, watch hilarious shows on Netflix and have some really impressive friends.

A boyfriend and his unrealistic expectations

Yes, I am exaggerating but I am doing it to prove a point. Guys have unrealistic expectations for the women they want to date and we try to mold ourselves into that woman but it never works. Does it? We just end up changing ourselves only to be dumped because he doesn’t like “who I’ve become.” YOU MADE ME THIS WAY. I started wearing tighter clothes to please you and now you don’t like me? What kind of BS is that!

This is why changing yourself for a man never works. Trust me I did it all the time and I’m still single. Why did I do it? To get the approval of someone I only sort of liked? To be with someone I only liked because he liked me? I’m done with all that.

I am done trying to change myself for someone I only mildly like and you girls shouldn’t either. I know having grandma ask questions about why you’re single and spending your weekends alone isn’t ideal but its better than spending it with someone who likes the altered version of you and not your true self.

Lizzette (Lizz) loves to talk in the third person. She refers to herself as the “epitome of cool” and loves to give opinions on topics she knows nothing about.



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