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World’s First Electric Pen Will Help You Create Stunning Works of Art in Record Time

While there have been many, mind-boggling technological advances, the pen has largely remained unchanged in its primary way of functioning. But now, this is bound to change. Shuochang Song has invented an electric pen that promises to revolutionize the world of pens as we know it. His invention is an electric pen like you’ve never seen before. The pen, referred to as Cuttlelola Dotspen, is primarily for creating works of art. With it you can create beautiful artworks in a fraction of the time you would need when using an ordinary pen. In addition, the artworks this pen creates are precise and leave you with no wrist fatigue.

Cuttlelola Dotspen is a must-have for every artist around the world. That said, the electric pen is still a great tool even for people who do art as a hobby rather than a profession. Using this pen, you can create your masterpieces ten times faster than when using traditional pens. Shuochang hopes that stationery shops around the world will stock the electric pen and transform the process of creating stunning artwork. What began as a personal need to create striking pointillism illustrations turned into a full-fledged project that, with your help, will reach millions across the world.

The electric pen project already has over 50 backers

Shuochang has created a Kickstarter project through which he hopes to raise $15,000. He intends to use this money to create these pens for the global market. The project already has over 50 backers who together have pledged over $4,000. The project ends on Wednesday, December 2, 2015. You can pledge from as little as $22.

Cuttlelola Dotspen won the 2015 Germany’s prestigious RedDot Award for Excellence in Design. And excellent it is; it has an aesthetically pleasing look, it is comfortable to hold as well as easy to control. You can use this electric pen to add stippling effects to Pen and Ink Illustrations, Mandala designs, Manga, and Zentangle.

Cuttlelola Dotspen comes with a USB cable you can use to charge it using your laptop, Smartphone or any 5V DC power supply. The electronic pen has an LED light which goes out to show that the pen is fully charged. You can use the pen for 40 minutes before the need for recharging. You can also connect the pen to a power source so that you can use it continuously.

The story of the world’s first electric pen looks promising. The artists who’ve already used the pen have a lot of great things to say about the electric pen. Be part of this revolutionary change. This is a great product and a great project. Support it today at

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