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UsBidi Seeks $35K to Place the World’s Most Intelligent Charger in Your Hands


UsBidi cuts the charging time by half. In addition, it shuts off power once the phone is fully charged.

There’s no other sector that goes as fast as the tech industry. A phone you buy expensively today will not be worth even half that a year from now. This is because many more advanced, and cheaper ones will have been released. Interestingly, as these devices get faster and smarter, their chargers continue to use yesteryears technology.

UsBidi charger has been designed to counter this problem. UsBidi brings the charging experience at par with the technological advancements of your smart devices. Not only does UsBidi save battery, it also saves time and is refreshingly reliable. The whole charging experience becomes faster and easier, leaving you happier and ridding you of all frustrations the ordinary chargers bring.

UsBidi Charging Time

Long gone are the days when charging your phone would take more than six hours. UsBidi cuts the charging time of any phone by half. In addition, it shuts off power once the phone is fully charged. You will never have to worry about overcharging your phone and ruining your battery.

Comparing UsBidi to regular chargers


Other additional features in UsBidi include LED indicator that shows you the progress of the charging process. Furthermore, it has a magnetic end that eases the way you store it.

The UsBidi makers are seeking to raise $25,000 within the next 44 days. As at October 21, 2015, 285 backers have pledged $18k. This represents 39% of the total they need to raise. This money will help them meet the minimum orders requirement for commercial production. They already identified a top manufacturer to do this production. You can back this project through a pledge from as low as $1. The project which commenced in May 2014 is expected to conclude this December when its commercial production will begin.

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