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Your Degree Is An Absolute Waste. 5 Reasons Why You Wasted Your Valuable Time Going To College


Today, if you want to get a job at Google, then you must have the skills for the job. You cannot impress executives at Google by just dropping your papers.

Here are five arguments to prove you wasted your time going to college:

  1. Your boss has papers yet he did not attend college

It may come as a surprise to you, but that guy you report to every morning may have fraudulently acquired his degree. It’s a little hard to figure out whom of the two of you is smarter; the guy who didn’t attend school and is now your boss or the one who spent years studying and now has a job he hates and is under a guy who doesn’t know how college doors look like.

  1. You are out of college with nothing but theories

You see, before there ever were papers, there were practices. Before there ever were textbooks, there were people who practiced what would later be written in books. Books are only as relevant as their level of implementation. However knowledgeable, if you cannot implement that knowledge, then all you know is useless. Your college professors taught you theories which don’t work in the real world.

Looking for a job using your college degree
  1. Google and other companies don’t want your college degree

The marketplace has changed. Today, if you want to get a job at Google, then you must have the skills for the job. You cannot just impress executives at Google by dropping your papers. In fact, if they were frank, they would tell you they don’t care how many degrees you have if you can’t do the job for which you have papers.

  1. If you can do it, prove it! That’s all.

This is a good thing. Nature always intended it this way. How dangerous it is to be treated by a doctor, whose only qualifications are the papers he holds. If he cannot measure up when a problem arises, he should not be practicing medicine. And this principle applies regardless of the field. You say you are an architect? Prove it! You say you are a surgeon? Prove it!

  1. Your friends dropped out of college and they are doing better than you

Every time you look at your friends, you know you wasted your time going to college. While you spent sleepless nights studying for exams, they were living in the real world. You were memorizing theories and they were doing it in practice. You were still trying to get it when they were busy gaining experience. You chose a course you thought would get you a great job while they made money doing what they love. Now you are miserable while they are living in an abundance of every good thing that evades you.

Now don’t you think your time might have been better used doing your passion and gaining experience in the things you love to do?

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